Winky Lux is the latest makeup company to venture into skin care

Today, millennial color cosmetics brand Winky Lux becomes the latest to make a play for the skin-care category, joining recent entrants like Fenty, Morphe and Cover FX in 2020.


Tula strives for sustainability with TerraCycle and biodegradable product

Tula is investing $250,000 across all its eco-friendly plans for the first 12-months. Tula sales have grown by 300% year-over-year for the last three years in a row, with DTC e-commerce comprising over 50% of its sales.


Female cannabis founders tap into wellness branding

With legalized recreational marijuana on the horizon for New York, female founders are bringing more sophisticated branding to the world of weed. 


Function of Beauty's Zahir Dossa: 'The ideal case is global domination'

Despite the difficulties of 2020, some beauty brands made strides. Case in point: customized and personalized Function of Beauty, best known for hair care. Of the success, Zahir Dossa, co-founder and CEO at Function of Beauty, said on this week's episode of the Glossy Beauty Podcast, "It's getting borderline politically incorrect to ever say you had [...]


Coola expands from sun care to skin care with non-SPF products

Known for its sunscreen and self-tanner, Coola is expanding its product range to skin care.