Sarah Flint and CEO Mary Beech: ‘2020 was the year we built the foundation to really scale’

“Heels are pumps were still our top-selling category,” said Sarah Flint, founder and creative director of her namesake brand, on the latest Glossy Podcast. “There is not a real explanation for that, other than maybe women buy with their hearts more than their heads sometimes.” Even so, the brand rounded out its products in 2020 [...]


How Black Beauty Roster is working to elevate BIPOC beauty pros

Beauty professionals Simone Tetteh and Maude Okrah have been working to change this in these industries with the launch of the Black Beauty Roster, a platform offering a directory of  beauty professionals of color who are skilled in all skin tones and hair textures.


Cosabella's Guido Campello on the evolution of distribution: 'Brands should be on every platform'

Campello joined Glossy editor-in-chief Jill Manoff on Tuesday for a discussion on wholesale versus direct-to-consumer sales, the way brands can differentiate when selling on multiple platforms, and the roles that small boutiques and giant marketplaces play in the retail market.


'It was all about pure creativity, pure grit:' Danessa Myricks on creating her beauty empire

As startup beauty brands and newly minted founders emerge almost daily, it's easy to forget that some companies are not made overnight. Take, for instance, makeup artist-turned-founder Danessa Myricks, who has been building her authority in beauty for more than two decades. After a layoff from a publishing company, Myricks decided to change her future [...]

Bareminerals enlists Hailey Bieber for high-tech virtual shopping experience

How Black Beauty Roster is working to elevate BIPOC beauty pros

Frank Body sets sights on $100 million in sales

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How Walmart is trying to reach Amazon sellers

Walmart is reaching out to sellers, trying to get them to try out its third-party marketplace. These direct reach-outs appear to be rare, limited only to the bigger players on Amazon, but they indicate Walmart’s increased commitment to bringing third-party sellers whose products have already found success on Amazon directly to the Walmart Marketplace.


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