How Instagram changed the press-on nail game

Once relegated to the drugstore beauty section, packaged press-on nails have had a resurgence as an Instagram status symbol.


Skinfluencer Sean Garrette: 'My focus and passion is treating people of color'

Like many of the hopeful young adults before him, Sean Garrette, an esthetician and influencer, moved to New York with his sights set on a career in fashion. But although his dreams to be a fashion editor or stylist didn’t work out, he leaned into the beauty space, which he found to be “more inclusive.” [...]


Fashion Briefing: From mall brand to cultural hub: How Pacsun is beating the odds

Its home base of the mall, where it has 400 stores, is struggling, and few of its counterparts that came to market near a food court have thrived. But with its focus on remaining “on top of new things,” according to Chang, Pacsun is gunning to remain an exception. It’s increasingly earning the respect of [...]

Who What Wear launches its first DTC fashion brand

'Demand has reached a fever pitch': More luxury brands are seeking leather alternatives

Influencer marketing gets a Gen-Z upgrade with Emcee launch


CoverGirl debuts on Amazon Live through 'Inside Making the Cut'

CoverGirl’s participation underscores the brand’s prioritization of digital media in its marketing mix.

The NFT craze now includes major beauty brands

How Instagram changed the press-on nail game

Skinfluencer Sean Garrette: 'My focus and passion is treating people of color'

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Cheatsheet: Amazon’s 2021 growth was propelled by retail services

Amazon’s second quarter earnings report reveals the extent to which the company has been able to diversify its revenues, especially in advertising and retail services -- and it has used those new markets to clock in a healthy profit.


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