What is beauty 'discovery' in physical retail really about?

The throughline in all of these programs is solving for beauty discovery and, subsequently, sales that are happening online and on brands' DTC sites. Whether this will work for big retail is unclear.


'Fashion is the logical next step': How retail service companies are aiming to differentiate

The market for retail-as-a-service is expanding. B8ta is one of a number of companies that have made it their model to provide streamlined ways into physical retail for brands without the capacity to pour resources into expensive rental leases, staffing and all the other processes that come with setting up a store. With Forum, b8ta will [...]


Under new CEO Scott Cutler, StockX explores new categories

At the beginning of October, StockX, the billion dollar resale platform known primarily for its sneakers and streetwear categories, debuted an entirely new set of products: collectibles. It’s the fifth major product category after sneakers, streetwear, handbags and watches and signifies StockX’s shift towards being a universal “stock market of things,” as the company called [...]

'Fashion is the logical next step': How retail service companies are aiming to differentiate

Phillip Lim on growing a brand while upholding tradition

How Stadium Goods is preparing for physical retail expansion


Go-To Skin Care's Zoë Foster Blake on bringing her beauty line to the US

Being a blogger for so long, I had a big digital following, and I'd been a beauty editor so I'd built up trust. I felt confident in going, "Guys, trust me. I've worked really hard on this."

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‘Cutthroat part of the market’: How big-box retailers are competing to win a greater share of holiday toy sales

With the holiday shopping season-fast approaching, big-box retailers like Target and Walmart are trying to drum up publicity with the announcement of new shopping features and exclusive products to win over a greater share of toy shoppers.


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