Glossy+ members stay ahead of the rapidly evolving fashion and beauty industries with access to exclusive content, like our quarterly research reports.  In our newest edition, we surveyed beauty and wellness insiders to explore the growing impact of Instagram. Here’s a snippet of what we found. Glossy+ members can read the full report here.

As Instagram continues to introduce new capabilities, brands are being forced to constantly reevaluate what the best avenue is for interacting with their customers in the most authentic way. First, third-party apps like KiraKira+ and Boomerang allowed them to create content beyond the static feed post. Then Instagram began rolling out its own set of features, from Stories to Live, which now allow accounts to poll users and receive data that could ultimately inform business decisions.

According to Glossy Research, fashion and beauty brands see a nearly even split between engagement (which includes views, comments and likes) on their feeds (55.6 percent) and in their Stories (44.4 percent). More often than not, companies are focusing on creating content for both, if only for relevance and brand-building.

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