Erin Cunningham

Erin Cunningham

Erin Cunningham

  • How Burberry used TikTok influencers to reach Chinese millennials

    In June, British heritage brand Burberry became one of the first luxury labels to run both paid and organic campaigns on TikTok across the U.S. and the U.K. A month later, the company, now under the creative direction of Riccardo Tisci and under the business direction of CEO Marco Gobbetti,...

  • The Glossy Guide to TikTok

    In this new Glossy guide to TikTok, we examine the strategies of fashion and beauty brands that have found success on the platform — from what content trends they're tapping, to what influencers they're hiring, to how they've updated their content strategies to fit TikTok, where grassroots, user-generated videos are...

  • Why ReVive chose Tmall to be its primary sales channel in China

    RéVive, founded by plastic and reconstructive surgeon Dr. Gregory Bays Brown, has been working on its Tmall launch for months. Set to debut in August 2019, Tmall will be the luxury skin-care line’s first global retail partner.

  • How Rimowa used Tmall to triple its Gen-Z customers in China

    Considering demand for Rimowa products in the region was already high — counterfeits of its signature hard-shell aluminum suitcases in China are aplenty — and the brand had seen success on WeChat promoting its collaboration with Fendi, making a major investment in selling in China seemed like an obvious next...

  • see-now buy-nowNew Report: The Glossy Guide to Tmall

    In this new Glossy guide to Tmall, we examine the platform’s dominance on the world retail stage — from what brands have learned from selling there, to what’s fueling the site’s beauty boom, to how it made $30.8 billion in one day.

  • How Nars is navigating Tmall’s competitive beauty landscape

    “You can’t win on Tmall by repurposing existing brand assets and campaigns,” said Benjamin Lord, the company’s executive director of global omnichannel marketing, CRM and loyalty. “For our industry, most specifically, expectations are high. The Tmall beauty buyer is generally younger than the usual Tmall shopper, so brands must create...

  • customer acquisitionGlossy Research: How brands are finding new routes to customer acquisition

    When it comes to selling through a third-party subscription service like Stitch Fix or Birchbox, it seems companies are inclined to at least think about it.

  • fashion brandsGlossy Research: How fashion brands can stay relevant in retail

    Each quarter, the Glossy team explores emerging industry trends and topics in our member-exclusive research reports. In this edition, we take a look at what defines the future shopping experience and how brands aren’t just readying themselves for what’s next, they’re creating it Introduction: Over the past decade, countless malls, department stores...

  • e-commerceGlossy Research: How brands are strategizing around the move to e-commerce

    According to a recent Glossy+ survey of fashion and beauty industry insiders, 32.5% of their affiliated brands make 100% of their sales online, while 30.1% see just 1% to 24% of sales made online, highlighting the fact that the majority of companies tend to prioritize either ecommerce or brick-and-mortar, not...