Jill Manoff

Jill Manoff

Editor-in-Chief, Glossy; Global Editorial Director, Glossy Brands

Jill Manoff

Editor-in-Chief, Glossy; Global Editorial Director, Glossy Brands

  • Glossy+: The case for outdoor marketing

    In November 2017, two-year-old luxury handbag reseller Rebagg relaunched as Rebag, simultaneously opening its first brick-and-mortar store in Soho. Charles Gorra, the company’s founder and CEO, decided to get the word out through outdoor marketing — namely, ads in metro cars, on billboards, in phone booths and on taxis. Five...

  • Day in the Life: Molly Howard, CEO and co-founder of La Ligne

    Howard walked Glossy through a typical day in her life, which included meeting with a potential investor, planning an upcoming collaboration and having dinner with A-list friends.

  • Glossy+: Navigating the try-before-you-buy model

    The try-before-you-buy retail model has been gaining momentum — even since before Amazon got on board with Prime Wardrobe. But it’s not a no-fail plan for success. As it catches on across product categories, companies are finding the system must be made more specialized to meet consumers’ preferences and habits. Molly Kang...

  • How ThirdLove became the most size-inclusive bra brand

    Today, ThirdLove, the 5-year-old direct-to-consumer brand that introduced half-cup sizes, is taking a big step to answer demand, launching 24 new sizes, increasing its sizing options from 50 to 74 — more sizes than any other brand in the industry, according to the brand. For comparison, Victoria’s Secret offers 36...

  • ‘College fans are very loyal’: Why fashion brands are launching collegiate apparel

    Collaborations with hot designers are often good for short-lived buzz and revenue boosts, but for years-long revenue streams, fashion brands and retailers are turning to partnerships with universities.

  • Glossy+: Perfecting personalization

    A personalized shopping experience is no longer a nice to have; customers have come to expect it. For fashion and beauty companies in the crowded subscription space, the pressure to be an expert on customers’ individual preferences is elevated. A curated selection featuring a miss or two, in the eyes...

  • ‘International is top of mind right now’: Co-founder Zanna Roberts Rassi on Milk Makeup’s direction

    Milk Makeup only launched in January 2016, but already it’s a benchmark for budding makeup companies and among the indie labels commonly credited with changing the beauty industry. Zanna Roberts Rassi broke down the brand’s success formula and explained why clean beauty is the future.

  • Welcome to Glossy+: Inside our new membership program

    In the last two years, we’ve had many opportunities to connect with you. The resounding message: You want more — more industry insights, more opportunities to connect with insiders, and more chances to network with each other. Through Glossy+, we’ll be providing these features and more.

  • ‘This has to be the future’: For Days looks to solve fashion’s consumption problem

    As more established companies set long-term sustainability goals, hoping to move away from wasteful processes and win over conscious shoppers, a new brand built on a circular retail model has set out to prove just how clean fashion can be. Launched today, For Days delivers organic T-shirts and other cotton...