Danny Parisi

Danny Parisi

Danny Parisi

  • Why resale companies continue to attract investors

    Fashion resale often gets lumped in with fashion rental in discussions of how the market is changing, particularly since they both represent departures from the standard models of fashion consumption. But as the coronavirus pandemic has worn on, the two are becoming increasingly delineated. While rental is suffering resale is...

  • Photograph of Birdies shoes.DTC footwear brands are pivoting to slippers

    At the beginning of the year, Birdies co-founder and CEO Bianca Gates had a thorough plan for the year focusing on outdoor shoes and the slogan “Travel boldly.” Birdies, like many fashion brands, has had to shift priorities.

  • Tmall’s new off-price luxury platform aims to make discounting palatable for brands

    In contrast to the buzzy opening of Alibaba’s Tmall Luxury Pavilion in 2017, late April saw the much quieter opening of Tmall’s latest platform for luxury brands: Tmall Luxury Soho, an off-price counterpart to Luxury Pavilion that is already attracting interest from luxury brands looking for ways to discount without...

  • With Neiman Marcus filing for bankruptcy, its resale investment is in jeopardy

    Late last year, Neiman Marcus made a strategic investment in fashion resale company Fashionphile, its first big step into the world of resale. Now, with Neiman Marcus having filed for bankruptcy, Fashionphile’s fate is unclear.

  • Photograph of a man being fitted for a suit.Fashion retailers are re-opening, but fitting rooms are off-limits

    Eliminating the use of fitting rooms is becoming a common part of the reopening blueprint for retailers, which are aiming to get back some of the foot traffic and revenue they’ve lost while making customers feel safe. Some retailers are keeping all fitting rooms off-limits, while other retailers are finding...

  • With marketing budgets cut, fashion founders are taking to Instagram Live

    A growing number of brand founders are putting themselves front-and-center in their brands’ marketing, taking to Instagram Live for hangouts, interviews, AMAs (Ask Me Anything sessions) and workout classes. These informal, largely unscripted events hosted from a founder’s own home allow founders to strengthen their communities by interacting with them...

  • How coronavirus is advancing luxury brands’ sustainability plans

    According to Boston Consulting Group, sustainability efforts are often additional costs that are not high on brands’ priority lists. Even brands that have been loud and proud about their sustainable practices have been forced to make cuts. But for some brands, the coronavirus has instead become an opportunity for creative,...

  • Kate SpadeTapestry backtracks on its decision to reduce discounting

    For years, Tapestry, owner of big mainstream fashion labels like Kate Spade, Coach and Stuart Weitzman, has been making a concerted effort to move away from deep discounts. But coronavirus has forced many fashion brands into less-than-desirable strategies, and each of Tapestry's brands is now showing heavy discounts on their...

  • The header image features a shot of the Sarah Flint Pop Up.Diversifying the supply chain has become more urgent and more difficult

    As China has come to be a dominant force in fashion manufacturing, brands have been weighing the wisdom of solely producing in that -- or any -- single location. But coronavirus has made the move to diversify sources more urgent and logistically challenging.