'If you think a price is too good to be true, it probably is': How DTC shoe brand Thelma is navigating price

Charleston-based, direct-to-consumer shoe brand Thelma, founded in 2016, is writing its own playbook, versus going the traditional DTC route.

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Experience per square foot: Inside retail’s shift from stock to space

Lately, mall developers can’t stop talking about their projects’ public spaces. And fashion brands opening stores seem more excited about their decor than their product selection. As the physical retail landscape evolves, there’s been an overall shift away from product. Brands are working to strike the right space-product balance, but doing so takes time that [...]


Re:store wants to be the retail platform for chic Instagram brands

A wave of multi-brand retail spaces for direct-to-consumer brands have popped up over the last few years, from Bulletin to Neighborhood Goods, all aimed at helping young brands experiment with physical retail while keeping costs low. Neighborhood Goods positions itself as a DTC department store, and Bulletin as a space for female-founded companies. Now Re:store, [...]


'Future-proofing': Inside the rise of Gen-Z skin-care brands

As Gen Z becomes one of the largest consumer groups in beauty, skin-care brands are trying to better cater to their needs.

Goop bets on fitness with a fitness event

Beauty influencer Jackie Aina: 'I'm now being praised for things people used to criticize me for'

Inside E.l.f.'s comeback playbook

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‘Systemic issue’: The customer acquisition challenges DTC brands face go beyond cost

It's become one of the most talked-about subjects in the DTC world: one of the biggest challenges brands face today is the rising cost of customer acquisition, particularly on digital channels like Facebook and Google. But, the customer acquisition challenges DTC brands face goes beyond cost, and as such, it will take more than just an advertising channel offering low CPMs to win them over.


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