Fashion Briefing: The tween-to-teen marketing playbook

While creating clothes for Gen Z is one thing, getting customers to buy the styles is quite another. The tween and teen fashion brands that are seeing good traction early on have come to hold shared beliefs about their target shopper and, therefore, lean on parallel strategies. Along with peer-to-peer recommendations and the idea of [...]


'Multiple webinars': How organizers helped traditional designers prepare for digital fashion month

Fashion month in September 2020 was an experiment. Designers and the organizations that host fashion weeks in New York, Paris, London and Milan were attempting to transform their shows into digital products without much experience to go on. But the current digital fashion month, which is the second go-around, the operations of a digital fashion [...]


Sarah Flint and CEO Mary Beech: ‘2020 was the year we built the foundation to really scale’

“Heels are pumps were still our top-selling category,” said Sarah Flint, founder and creative director of her namesake brand, on the latest Glossy Podcast. “There is not a real explanation for that, other than maybe women buy with their hearts more than their heads sometimes.” Even so, the brand rounded out its products in 2020 [...]


'The opposite of Nike': Inside Allbirds' growth strategy

A major component of Nike’s market dominance to date has been the hype it's been able to build around its frequent releases and sneaker drops. Between collaborations, new models, new colorways of existing models and special editions, Nike releases more than 100 new sneakers every year. The high resale value of drops often make Nike [...]


WeChat’s red envelope cover is fashion brands' shiny new ad space

Adults giving red envelopes with monetary gifts to kids during Chinese New Year is a common tradition. But in recent years, for gifting friends and colleagues, the tradition has migrated onto China’s super-app, WeChat. This behavioral change created an opportunity for brand exposure and engagement.