'Fashion is ripe for female talent': Why a male-dominated board of directors remains the industry norm

At a time when establishing authentic connections with customers is the name of the game, it seems the heads of fashion companies are starting to see the value of female voices and perspectives. Whether out of legal obligation, in response to media backlash or because they’ve come to appreciate diversity, more fashion companies are appointing female [...]


Less ownership, less data: Why some brands refuse to sell on Instagram

While buzz has picked up around in-app Checkout since it launched in March 2019, there are companies that have no plans to use the features -- at least, not anytime soon.


DTC brands' growth-at-all-costs strategy is stunting product development

Cost-per-acquisition on social media is much higher than it used to be, meaning that the Warby Parker approach to aggressive expansion is eating up the budget that could otherwise go toward product development.

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Glossy Research: 87% of fashion employees surveyed say they're overworked

The latest Glossy survey shows that, while the fashion industry has evolved, expectations put on workers -- who historically put up with long hours and loads of responsibilities to be a part of the inner circle -- have remained high.


Inside the Williamsburg penthouse made for Instagram influencers

In a luxury building near the South Williamsburg waterfront, there's an immaculately designed three bedroom, three and a half bath penthouse that rents for $15,000 a month. It's fully decorated with custom furniture, Gucci wallpaper and bookshelves galore, but no one lives in this home. Instead its a space designed specifically for influencers to shoot [...]