'Our customer wants more personalization': Insights from the Glossy Forum

Fashion and beauty brands big and small are rethinking their retail strategies, as e-commerce sales ramp up presenting new competition and challenges. At the Glossy Forum: The Age of E-Commerce in NYC, executives discussed what’s weighing on their minds, including how to use data effectively, how to navigate new sales and marketing channels, and how [...]


Russell Athletic goes head-to-head with Champion as the sportswear market heats up

Two years ago, Russell Athletic internally shifted its focus from purely existing as a sports teamwear brand and began leaning toward a fashion and lifestyle positioning. This week, the heritage athletic wear brand is ready to make its big pitch to customers.

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How Fabletics used data science to hit $400m in annual sales

Fashion is becoming a game of data science -- the brands that can connect the data points best, win. Earlier this month, Stitch Fix, which employs a team of astrophysicists, reported in its 2019 fourth-quarter earnings a 9% year-over-year increase in net revenue per active client, marking its fifth consecutive quarter of growth for the [...]


'It's unlike any other social platform': How brands are tapping into Gen-Z influencers on TikTok

Calvin Klein and Ralph Lauren have already run campaigns on the platform, soon followed by Uniqlo and Guess. Outside of running sponsored campaigns, the biggest opportunity to connect with younger consumers is through influencers. As the platform starts to take off, one question many brands have is who to partner with. They also want to [...]


More players are fighting for a smaller market in the denim category

In Levi’s third-quarter earnings reported on Tuesday, its second report since going public earlier this year, the company reported that while revenue in Europe and Asia has been strong, growing 14% and 9% respectively, sales in its native North America fell by 3% year-over-year. As the number of denim brands grows while customers are slowly [...]