Nude Barre's Erin Carpenter on forwarding inclusivity in the intimates category: 'Investors didn’t understand the impact'

Erin Carpenter, Nude Barre founder and CEO, quite literally walked a mile in “pink ballet shoes” and “beige tights,” and felt the pain of finding hosiery in the right shade. It's a struggle that has been experienced before by current customers of Nude Barre, which offers hosiery and underwear in 12 complexion-matching shades.


How Amazon Luxury Stores tackled Prime Day

Luxury brands have feared that selling on Amazon would devalue their brand and associate them too strongly with the mundane, cheap products that Amazon is known for. Amazon’s response was Luxury Stores, a separate storefront meant to insulate those brands from the rest of Amazon and provide their shoppers with a more elevated experience. Now, [...]

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Fashion Briefing: As the world opens up, retailers are updating stores to feel more like home

Stores with a homey feel could prove a less jarring step for people wanting to ease back into physical shopping. But striking the right balance between providing comfort and ensuring their stores are worth the trip is set to be a challenge for retailers.


Funding for NuOrder, Faire and Joor suggest wholesale isn't dead

The investor confidence in these companies is an indication that wholesale isn’t going away, only changing forms. These digital platforms offer a more streamlined wholesale solution compared to trade shows and indicate that wholesale will likely continue to be an important part of the fashion landscape.


Livestream shopping goes upscale with pure-play e-tailers

The growing adoption of livestream shopping is increasingly spreading to fashion and beauty e-tailers.