The coming months will make or break the DTC boom

Over the past two months, digitally native startups have been some of the biggest beneficiaries of store closures. Part of this growth was due to the fact that shoppers had fewer options. Now, shoppers have more options as stores open back up in more states. The coming months will prove just how much of the [...]


Why demand for U.S. fashion manufacturing is on the rise

With more brands questioning past reliance on a single country like China for manufacturing, and a growing belief that shorter lead times and less inventory are the key to avoiding big losses during a crisis, a resurgence of American manufacturing is in demand.


Brideside CEO Nicole Staple on navigating the postponed wedding season

Brideside co-founder and CEO Nicole Staple predicts there will be a wedding boom as the threat of coronavirus subsides. But she isn't sitting back and waiting for the upswing. "We decided on a Thursday to shut down our showrooms that weekend, and by Tuesday, we had a fully launched virtual appointment platform," Staple said.


What menswear's stalled momentum means for its future

Brands like Prabal Gurung, Madewell and Tibi are traditionally womenswear brands, but they've all launched menswear since 2018 and were part of the wave that was driving menswear’s growth. But now, many of those brands may find themselves pulling away from men’s altogether.


Things keep getting worse for fashion rental platforms

While formalwear, swimwear and workwear are all areas that have seen their use cases reduced due to coronavirus, rental is in the unfortunate position where much of its value is made obsolete by quarantine, social distancing and the cancellation of events.