Glossy Research showed that 46% of fashion workers are looking for a new job. One potential reason: Overwork.

As fashion gets more complicated, so has the job. The rise of digitally native brands, the evolving physical retail landscape, and new pressure to meet consumers where they are, are all factors that are changing what it really means to be working in this industry,

A recent survey of 62 workers by Glossy found that, while the fashion industry has evolved, expectations put on workers — who have historically put up with long hours and loads of responsibilities to be a part of the inner circle — have remained high.

Forty-two percent of fashion industry employees, at a range of levels, reported working at least 50 hours per week. What’s more, 13% said their workload is suitable for one person. Fifty-seven percent said they do the work of two people, while 30% feel they’re doing at least a three-person job. 

Overwork issues are also showing themselves in other ways. Forty-eight percent of fashion workers said they’re expected to answer work-related emails, Slacks and text messages on night and weekends. Thirty-five percent feel pressure to work while on PTO.