Traditionally thought to be glamorous industries, fashion and beauty may have lost their luster.

That’s the message of a survey Glossy conducted with 62 workers in the industries across job levels and responsibilities.

Forty-four percent of participating employees said they’re actively looking for a new job. And just over half — 55% — of workers reported being happy at work.

Contributing factors to their dissatisfaction may include the absence of a work-life balance, as was reported by 55%, and a lack of security in their current position, as stated by 53%.

Beauty workers are happier than fashion workers
Overall, beauty workers are more content than fashion workers. Considering the recent beauty boom, it seems growth and innovation breed motivation on the corporate level.

In 2018, the global and personal-care market grew by 6%, the most growth it had seen in a decade, according to Euromonitor International. To compare, McKinsey has predicted slowdowns in fashion over the past few years, predicting a 4%-5% growth in the market in 2018, followed by a 3.5%-4.5% growth in 2019. It forecasts growth will slow to 3%-4% in 2020.

Likely linked, 49% of beauty workers see opportunity for advancement at their employer, versus just 30% of fashion workers.

What’s more, beauty workers are making more money: Seventy-four percent of survey respondents working in beauty said they make at least $75,000 a year, versus just 58% of fashion workers. So it’s no surprise that more beauty workers feel they’re fairly compensated: 61%, compared to 50% of fashion workers.