“I always thought I’d be working for someone at a large company,” said Stephanie Mark, who co-founded The Coveteur — originally a site offering up tours of the closets of style stars —  in 2011. “But, then again, I always hated the hierarchy. And I have an independent spirit. Just ask my parents.”

Today, along with business partner Jake Rosenberg, Mark heads up a team of 25 — including an editorial director and a site director from Hearst and Condé Nast, respectively — in NYC’s Soho neighborhood.

Mark launched her career in Toronto, where she bounced around the fashion industry through jobs in event marketing, PR and eventually styling, working under Leslie Fremar, who called Julianne Moore and Michelle Williams clients. On a shoot, she met Rosenberg, a photographer, and they (along with designer Erin Kleinberg, who is no longer with the company) came up with the concept for The Coveteur. It started with features on the chic spaces of six influencers, including Joanna Hillman and stylist Fiona Green.

Two years later, after building up readers and receiving a small round of investment from a pool that included Drake (yes, the singer), she and Rosenberg expanded their team and their content to include coverage beyond celebs’ shoes and bags, to categories like beauty trends and fitness tips. Then in 2015, under a new CEO (Warren Webster of Patch.com), they relocated their headquarters from Canada to their current East Coast setup.

This past September, The Coveteur relaunched as Coveteur, a media company specializing in custom content for brands like Dior, Miu Miu and Estée Lauder. Sponsored “services” include videos, social posts and native stories that are peppered throughout the site, alongside stories like “Do politics have a place in fashion?” and “How to loan money to a friend.”

Though Coveteur has greatly evolved and continues to expand, Mark admits she has a special place in her heart for the still-in-swing “closets” features, which are now confined to their own section. “Reese Witherspoon’s and Oprah’s are some of my favorites,” she said. As for what’s in her own closet? “Body suits and a lot of black,” she said. “And fashion sweatshirts, ever since Vetements.”

Recently, we asked Mark to chart a recent day on the job during New York Fashion Week. Her diary has been edited and condensed for clarity.

6:30 a.m.: Rise and shine! The first thing I do when I get out of bed is make coffee. It gives me the kick I need for my workout.

7:00 a.m.: I am obsessed with working out at modelFIT in the morning. I never used to be a morning person — at all — but it has completely changed my life. Sometimes, it’s the only time of the day that I have to just zone out, let my mind relax and do something completely for myself that makes me feel good. Plus, it makes me sharper, happier and gives me more energy for the day ahead. I love the founder, Vanessa, and her whole team, and there is a good crew of regulars.

8:00 a.m.: I get home from the gym, and I need to rush to get ready since I have an early shoot. Right now, I am big into my face routine. I am using Dr. Sebagh Pro Serum Repair and rose oil, as well as Natura Bisse sunscreen and Tracie Martyn’s Face Resculpting moisturizer. For breakfast, I always have a protein shake with water. I throw on a stylish, yet comfortable outfit, since I will be on set: my new pants by my new obsession, Miaou, a Protagonist bodysuit and flat Givenchy boots.

9:00 a.m.: I arrive on set for my first shoot of the day — the photos will be featured on our site, as well as on our social channels. This shoot features Chanel. We are lucky enough to be able to shoot their latest couture collection, which has been flown in all the way from Paris. To top it off, we are shooting with Clara McGregor, Ewan’s daughter, who is so stunning and lovely. She is currently in film school, so we’ve decided to shoot downtown at Metrograph, this indie movie theater. The crew is pretty small, and the vibes are really chill.

1:00 p.m.: Lunch! Aka, shoving food into my face, while I try to get 100 things done. I love the restaurant Westville and order it all the time. Today, I am having their watercress and arugula salad, with pears and walnuts and a side of their roasted butternut squash — my favorite. It’s New York Fashion Week, so there are a lot of moving parts happening. I take a minute to answer client emails, confirm plans for other fashion weeks and (finally) book my travel. Normally I would be at a show, but today, duty calls.

2:00 p.m.: Time for shoot number two. I jump in an Uber and head over to the Mysterious Bookshop in Tribeca, which sells nothing but mystery novels. This time, our model is actress Julia Goldani Telles. She has great energy and looks amazing in the photos. I can’t wait to feature them on The Coveteur. While shooting, I am hopping on and off emails and calls.

5:00 p.m.: That’s a wrap! I get into another Uber and try to head to the Frame presentation in Chelsea, but there is too much traffic and I don’t make it. Normally after work, I’ll meet up with friends for dinner, hit a work event, or go home to cook and unwind by watching some TV.

6:30 p.m.: It’s time for the Oscar de la Renta and Monse show. This one is highly anticipated since it features the first collection by the new designers for Oscar, Laura Kim and Fernando Garcia. They are showing their own collection, Monse, right before the Oscar show; they’re back-to-back, in the same space, which is a super-cool concept — and it doesn’t disappoint. I am seated in between [fashion editor and consultant] Shiona Turini and [Paper’s editorial director] Mickey Boardman, which makes the show even more fun. They always have the best stories and are super-funny.

7:30 p.m.: I run out of Oscar to get to dinner with friends at Vic’s in Nolita. Everyone orders a much-needed large glass of wine.

9:30 p.m.: I am finally home! I settle onto my couch and power through all the emails and work I missed while being on set and running around all day. It takes me a couple of hours to get through everything, but it’s worth it. I can’t go to bed until I’m caught up.

11:30 p.m.: I get into bed and unwind by reading for a bit. Then, lights out! More shows and shoots tomorrow.