This is part of a special package from Glossy about what comes next, looking to the other side of the current crisis to explore the lasting changes that are coming about.

Glosslab founder Rachel Apfel Glass gave her perspective on how salons are adapting:

“I founded nail salon Glosslab in 2018 with hygiene being top of mind. We have always been more hygienic with waterless manicures and cashless, touch-free checkout. But since we reopened on July 6, we have also added mandatory masks, temperature checks and health waivers; installed plexiglass dividers at each station; and spaced stations six feet apart. Glosslab has always been efficiency-focused, because I used to work in finance and felt that a manicure was an errand. Going forward, beauty will be even more efficiency driven. People will want to get their nails and hair done as a ‘need,’ more than they’ll want a day at the spa. 

When we reopened, we were completely booked up in the first week. At the same time, we moved to a members-only model with no walk-ins. By eliminating walk-ins, we ensure capacity control and social distancing. Our membership is now $125 a month for unlimited manicures and pedicures, for both gel and regular polish. Prior to March, it was $99 a month. I believe that having the same members come in for services every week provides comfort to our staff and other clients; it shows that Glosslab is a community dedicated to safety and wellbeing. Glosslab is moving forward with expanding our brick-and-mortar presence from two locations to seven, in the same 18-month timeframe we had planned, if not more expedited. As of now, we have plans to open our third location in NoHo this fall. We also launched e-commerce in May, but DIY manicures will not replace our salon business.”