E.l.f. debuts content-driven Keys Soulcare brand with Alicia Keys

On Tuesday, E.l.f. and Alicia Keys together launch her new brand in an effort to provide products that address what they hope a new dimension of wellness and self-care: soul care. The brand, Keys Soulcare, at launch will only offer multimedia content on the topics of mind, body, spirit and connection.


From SpongeBob to skin care: Gen-Z brand Juno & Co. is launching JunoSkin

For Gen-Z startup Juno & Co., SpongeBob and TikTok have paved the way for its expansion into skin care.


How Gen Zers are confronting feminine health and sexual wellness

As this group of consumers enters puberty and menstruation, and eventually experiences sexual activity, they engage with these products with a wildly different set of views and values compared to their millennial counterparts.


The race for same-day delivery is on: Sephora partners with Instacart

Sephora announced that it has inked a deal with Instacart for same-day delivery. Beginning today, select California and Canada stores will be powered by the delivery service, and over the course of the coming weeks, more than 400 stores will be added. According to Sephora, 300-plus brands will be featured on Instacart (the entire Sephora [...]


‘We certainly are at risk’: Unfair Podcast, episode 2

Glossy is proud to present Unfair, a podcast about the global skin-lightening industry and everything it touches, from the demand for lighter skin to the beauty companies selling to it. In episode two, Unfair covers the health problems and psychological harm these products pose to consumers at large. We hear from Minnesota and California state [...]