Sara Spruch-Feiner

  • Nov 2, 2022
    Influencer Stephanie Ledda launches perfume

    Stephanie Ledda — and her followers — love perfume. On YouTube, Ledda has 1.12 million followers, and on Instagram, she has 469,000. On Wednesday, she launched fragrance brand Ledda, a project she has worked on with her business partners for over 18 months.

  • Oct 31, 2022
    K18 taps TikTok influencer Anna Sitar to direct its new campaign

    With a long creative leash and budget to spare, the brand decided to go big for its last campaign of the year, enlisting TikToker Anna Sitar (12.1 million followers) to direct a connected TV commercial.

  • Oct 28, 2022
    Glossy Pop Newsletter: How Higher Dose made a sauna blanket a status symbol

    In 2020, while stuck at home, many people paid more attention to their health, wellness and beauty routines than they ever had before. Perhaps it offered a sense of control in a suddenly confusing world. Things like face tools, high-end sweatsuits and various creature comforts surged in popularity. Among the...

  • Oct 25, 2022
    Bandier x FitOn team up for shoppable live fitness classes

    In New York and Los Angeles, Bandier's Studio B has been a destination workout spot to train with buzzy instructors like Amanda Kloots IRL. Now, Bandier is teaming with FitOn, the 'freemium' online fitness platform to bring the Studio B experience to the masses. FitOn has over 13 million members....

  • Oct 21, 2022
    Glossy Pop Newsletter: The ballet flat makes a triumphant return

    On TikTok, where trends are now debated, demonstrated and started, #balletflats has 38.8 million views. #Balletcore, another aesthetic made popular by the app, has 81.6 million views. An ultimate score on the app is to already own or show yourself buying or unboxing a pair of Miu Miu's $950 satin...

  • Oct 20, 2022
    Lunya launches multi-brand Rest Shop

    After establishing dominance in the sleep and loungewear category for luxury clientele, Lunya is expanding its focus with an assortment of about 30 products across 18 third-party brands meant to enhance rest. Ashley Merrill, founder and chairwoman of Lunya, curated the assortment to bring Lunya's customers the "best of rest,"...

  • Oct 14, 2022
    Glossy Pop Newsletter: Meet Violet Teriti, Hollywood’s go-to hair extensionist

    Thanks to social media watchdog accounts, plastic surgeons with TikTok accounts and big mouths, Hollywood beauty secrets are not so secret anymore. For example, if you've ever researched how celebrities seem to have longer or more hair than the rest of us, you've probably come to know that the answer...

  • Oct 14, 2022
    Biossance experiments with BeReal to celebrate ‘International Squalane Day’

    Seven-year-old Biossance has registered an international holiday in honor of its hero ingredient, International Squalane Day, to be celebrated annually on October 14th. Furthermore, it's meant to highlight the fact that Biossance, which uses a sugarcane-derived squalane, supports ocean preservation and environmental sustainability. To celebrate, it's piloting a BeReal campaign.

  • Oct 11, 2022
    Benefit doubles down on brows for its second TikTok campaign

    If you think of brows when you think of Benefit Cosmetics, know that it's by design. For the second year in a row, the 46-year-old makeup brand has invested in a brow-focused TikTok campaign timed to National Brow Day.