Glossy+ members stay ahead of the rapidly evolving fashion and beauty industries with access to exclusive content, like our quarterly research reports.  In our newest edition, we surveyed beauty and wellness insiders to explore how their business models are evolving as the retail landscape shifts. Here’s a snippet of what we found. To read the full report, click here to become a Glossy+ member.

E-commerce is a flooded market, with countless destinations for shoppers to choose from. As a result, brands must diversify to attract customers and bolster sales.

According to a Glossy+ survey of 83 executives from Glossy+’s proprietary research panel of fashion (44.6%) and beauty and wellness (48.2%) industry insiders, 32.5% of industry insiders make 100% of their sales online, while 30.1% see just 1% to 24% of sales made online, highlighting the fact that the majority of companies tend to prioritize either e-commerce or brick-and-mortar, not both.

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