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Glossy Pop Newsletter: The influencers TikTok wants you to follow this NYFW

The header image shows TikTok screenshots of people at NYFW.

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After a long hiatus, fashion week is back, and a new generation of influencers is taking center stage. These are not the street-style peacocks from the days of early fashion blogging; many are TikTok stars, documenting snippets of video footage at every party, runway and fitting. Much has been made of the characteristics of Gen Z — that is, they are said to be less concerned with perfection and more raw or “real.” But fashion week remains much the same: a series of FOMO-inducing posts and enviable amounts of gifted free clothing. Plus, as has been the case at least for the past decade, the fashion show is as much on the runway, as it is on the streets and after-parties. Seen bouncing from the roof of The Standard, where many celebrated the launch of Addison Rae’s Item Beauty at Sephora, to a Revolve dinner at Tao, a younger guard of influencers is out on the town for their first IRL fashion week. 

This group represents trendsetters who have made an impact on the community, value community sentiment and have a great intention to build.
CeCe Vu

It’s also the first fashion week since TikTok has taken its spot as the reigning social platform of the moment. In celebration of what it’s dubbed #tiktokfashionmonth, the platform’s fashion team selected 10 of its most influential creators to be on its first-ever fashion and beauty frontrunners list. They partnered with Rag Report, a native-to-the-platform publication to publish content featuring the creators using the hashtags #tiktokpartner and #tiktokfashionmonth. This content will also live on the @tiktokcreators page.

Refreshingly, these creators are a far less monolithic group celebrated than today’s stereotypical “influencer,” who is often as thin as a runway model, clad in equally trendy clothes, a nude lip, and big lashes.

This group represents trendsetters who have made an impact on the community, value community sentiment and have a great intention to build,” said CeCe Vu, fashion content partnerships lead at TikTok. “[They’re] defying current industry standards and truly making a difference in fashion and beauty. They solidify trends through positive and authentic reinforcement, have a voice and aren’t afraid to use their platform to make a difference.  — Sara Spruch-Feiner, senior reporter

Ahead, here’s who made the list: 

Remi Bader: @remibader (1.9 million followers)

Known for her “realistic hauls,” the 26-year-old came into the spotlight (and onto TikTok’s For You page) thanks to her playful approach to a serious topic: the continued lack of inclusive sizing available from most fashion brands. Naturally, as her following has grown, every brand wants in on her viral videos.

Emson Mallari @emsonmallari (2 million followers)

Mallari’s fashion content ranges from styling sneakers to putting together outfits inspired by anime and Disney characters. The 21-year-old creator is also an advocate for increased Asian representation in fashion. 

Gabe Adams @gabeadams (1.9 million followers)

Adams can still apply makeup better than most — and he was born without limbs. He’s used his platform to share his outfits, recent wedding and secrets to living life with independence and joy.

Stephanie Valentine @glamzilla (1.1 million followers)

Valentine’s honest reviews have earned her followers’ trust. Her video about Glow Recipe’s Watermelon Glow Niacinamide Dew Drops went viral, and even more so after it was stitched by fellow influencer Mikayla Nogueira, who also has a spot on the list. 

Lisa Brezinski and Pope @lkbphotography_ (7.5 million followers)

This couple in life and content creation wears exclusively black and is known for their takes on the POV video trend. They focus on creating a safe space for the LGBTQ community. 

Kristine Thompson @trendycurvy (858,000 followers)

As her username and bio suggest, Thompson gained acclaim for her to-the-point, honest videos depicting “a curvy girl living in a trendy world.” In a world of, “Is it fashion, or are they just skinny,” Thompson discusses and recreates fashion trends — like the viral Skims slip dress and Rihanna’s red carpet looks — from her perspective.

Wisdom Kaye @wisdm8 (6.3 million followers)

Named the “best-dressed guy on TikTok” by Vogue, model Wisdom Kaye is known for his “outfits based on” videos. Kaye’s outfits are an amalgamation of fantasy and high fashion (see: his “bank heist fit,” as well as his anime and Adult Swim-inspired looks). 

Mikayla Nogueira @mikaylanogueira (7.5 million followers)

Nogueira has become an unsuspecting beauty star with her thick Boston accent and heavy glam looks. In June, she debuted her first brand collaboration with makeup brand Glamlite. As she tests out new launches and weighs in on the latest viral trend, Nogueira has her followers rapt. 

Benji Park @fashionboy (183,000 followers)

A self-proclaimed “fashion fairy godmother,” Park built his following on TikTok for “spilling the tea” of the fashion world. With posts on the “Met Gala seating chart mess” to “the downfall of Victoria’s Secret,” this British fashion boy keeps his followers wanting more.

Tasnim Ali @alitasnim (538,000 followers)

Ali is an Egyptian woman living in Italy, who made a name for herself as a voice for Muslim fashion. She uses her TikTok to dispel myths and stereotypes.  

Trend Of The Week


If you thought you were safe from TikTok’s #cheugy (209.6m views) police, who determine what trendy clothing items should stay, like Doc Martens, or go, like skinny jeans, don’t let your guard down just yet. As the leaves turn brown and the summer corn turns to candy, thousands of TikTok users are back to determining what’s hot or not: Halloween costume edition.

TikTokers are sharing their opinions on the costumes that just won’t fly, using Halloween-related hashtags like #halloween2021 (404.2m views) and #halloweencostumes (119.5m views). TikTok user @ashaester shuns “frat boy” and “lifeguard” costumes while giving “dead bride” and “disco divas” the green light. Meanwhile, other users showcase “non-basic” costume ideas, like a Winx Club fairy and costumes for certain aesthetics. For example, for ‘👼🏼✨🌸🦋🪐💘🍸🧸 girls,’ user @evechevrier (26.6k followers) suggests dressing as “cowgirls” and “2000s girls”. –Nitya Rao


Not one, but two more celebrities are throwing their hats into the brand founder ring this week. Naomi Osaka debuted Kinlo, “skincare designed for the melanin-rich.” It includes a sunscreen, a face mist and an eye cream, which are sold on for $14.99-$19.99. And Jennifer Aniston debuted Lolavie, which launched with one “clean” hair care product, a $25 “Glossing Detangler” sold on

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