When DTC beauty brand Bejbiskin debuted in February, founders Francesca Marino and Eva Seta played up the idea that customers should treat their skin as you would a baby’s in its marketing and messaging.

However, the products themselves aren’t meant for babies and feature ingredients like hyaluronic acid, vegetable glycerin and niacinamide, among others.

We’re not focusing on having ‘baby skin’ or putting it on your baby’s skin,” said Marino. “The idea for Bejbiskin came from a realization I had when trying to find a product like a body wash, sunscreen and shampoo, and so many of them had harsh cleansing agents and a ton of fragrance, so I found myself buying baby products.”

Bejbiskin sits in the growing clean beauty camp, like Drunk Elephant, but as luxury brands are increasingly creating beauty products for babies and kids as extensions of their women’s lines, there isn’t such a leap to think Bejbiskin is baby- or kid-safe. “We’re never going to leave out a synthetic ingredient just because it’s not natural — we’re more focused on research-based ingredients,” said Marino. All of Bejbiskin’s ingredients are sustainably-sourced, cruelty-free and vegan.

Because Marino and Seta want to be transparent about their product ingredients, they are targeting “educated U.S. consumers that can decode an ingredient list.” Bejbiskin currently only ships within the U.S.

They have focused their efforts on Reddit with paid posts targeting the skin-care community, as well as running paid ads on Instagram for more visual customer awareness.

“We’ve been trying to target Reddit users [in the skin-care community] because our message cuts through a little easier since it’s full of people doing their own research,” said Marino. For example, Bejbiskin could advertise about the pH of their liquid exfoliant and garner more interest on Reddit than any other platform, said Marino. 

For now, Bejbiskin is set on staying DTC and keeping prices in check. Bejbiskin’s three products retail between $25 to $31 for single items and $85 for a suite of all of them

Before Bejbiskin, we would have loved to be able to use Drunk Elephant exclusively, but it isn’t realistic for many people as far as price goes,” said Seta of its younger customer base. “By cutting out a retail partner and going direct-to-consumer, we can keep the prices a lot lower and still provide those effective, worthy formulations.”