Glossy+ members stay ahead of the rapidly evolving fashion and beauty industries with access to exclusive content, like our quarterly research reports. In our newest edition, we surveyed more than 150 beauty and wellness insiders to discover which trends will transform the industry in the year ahead. Here’s a snippet of what we found. Glossy+ members can read the full report here.

Augmented reality — which can thank Snapchat for gaining a mainstream audience — is well-suited to beauty as it lets consumers try on products in increasingly realistic ways. As the technology has become more sophisticated and the quality of consumer smartphones has skyrocketed, experts predict that soon, A/R’s potential for the beauty industry will become realized.

“It will become a regular feature — if you talk about beauty, it’s almost table stakes to have some sort of A/R try-on,” said Benefit Cosmetics svp of global digital Toto Haba, who worked on the brand’s Brow Try-On tool, which was imbedded into its website in January.

According to Glossy research, more than a third of survey respondents reported that 50 percent or more of all transactions occur within their own e-commerce stores. The increasing accessibility of and familiarity with A/R means that online customers can “try on” products in ways that either mimic or are superior to in-person testing (as in brows, for example).

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