As resale markets continue to grow and become more mainstream, so does the market for knockoff products. To fend off the fakes, some companies like StockX are creating entire teams of authenticators, whose sole job is to make sure the sneakers they are selling are the real deal. In this video, fashion reporter Danny Parisi is joined by one of StockX’s own, Sebastian Psak, who shares how to spot some of the common mistakes in knockoffs and how to spot a fake. The key points:

  • The Box: Everything from font to color to label can be a giveaway of a fake, before you even get to the shoe inside. The more familiar you are with the brand of the shoes, the easier it may be to spot when something looks out of place.
  • The Material: For shoes made with leather, pay attention to the way the fabric creases when pressed. Other materials, like knit, may also feel more synthetic.
  • The Color: The best way to compare this is side-by-side with an authentic pair. The real deal will have a richer color tone.
  • The Stitching: Although this may seem like a small detail, the stitching on a fake shoe will often be an entirely different color or shape from the original.