Influencer houses are increasing in popularity in 2020 among Instagram and TikTok stars, following the lead of YouTuber mansions like Jake Paul’s Team 10 home, started in 2017. Most of these homes start as a place for collectives of influencers to create content together. Sometimes, like TikTok’s Hype House, some live in the home full time, while the rest stop by to work and hang out with their friends. While the Hype House is less focused on creating an ambiance, more thought typically goes into the design and decoration of an Instagram home. One company, Village Studio, scours the country to find the best homes and apartments, with the best natural light and open space, fills the space with modern furniture. Then, they bring influencers in free of charge, to shoot content and tag the brand in their subsequent posts. Brands also come in and use the space, for a fee. In January, the company opened its latest penthouse, a three-bedroom, three-and-a-half bath penthouse along the South Williamsburg waterfront. Here’s what it looks like inside.  

Village Studio has roughly $40,000 worth of decorations on display or stashed in prop closets so influencers can style the home however they want.  

Despite having three bedrooms, no one actually lives in this home. At any given time only one room is actually styled as a bedroom.

Brands, that end up paying between $3,000 and $15,000 for the space, and influencers can move furniture in and out, restyle any bookshelf or bring in their own props.

Every Village Studio home needs to have a well-lit, open kitchen for food bloggers to get the perfect cooking shots.

DTC furniture company Maiden Home provided most furniture in the home. In exchange, the company gets free marketing from brands and influencers.