Glossy+ members stay ahead of the rapidly evolving fashion and beauty industries with access to exclusive content, like our quarterly research reports.  In our newest edition, we surveyed beauty and wellness insiders to explore the growing impact of Instagram. Here’s a snippet of what we found. Glossy+ members can read the full report here.

Instagram has, in many ways, forced companies to reevaluate their strategies in order to keep up with consistently evolving consumer demands and behavior. According to a recent survey of 175 executives from Glossy+’s proprietary research panel of fashion, beauty, and wellness industry insiders, the social media platform has led nearly 56 percent of respondents to pay more attention to social performance, leading 36.6 percent to shift how they allocate and spend advertising budgets, and 35.3 percent to move from seasonal ad campaigns to a more constant rotation of fresh imagery.

Most effectively, however, Instagram has motivated most brands (56.9 percent) to pay more attention to influencer authenticity and performance. But with more attention comes more scrutiny, and it’s difficult to determine whether influence can be measured in a way that justifies resources.

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