Australian brand Frank Body intends to ramp up its revenue growth over the next three years, on the heels of its clean body care category launch on Tuesday.

The five new products include natural deodorant and body wash, and arrive as Frank Body expands its footprint in Ulta Beauty stores. Eight-year-old Frank Body, best known for its coffee ground body scrubs, is also sold in Urban Outfitters, Revolve and Target. The body care products, called the Everyday Range, launch on the brand’s DTC website simultaneously with existing global retail partners such as Mecca in Australia.

“This is really a foundation-building year,” said Steve Rowley, Frank Body co-founder and CEO. “That includes setting up the team, doing boring stuff like putting logistical and software platforms in place, and ensuring that we are able to manage our [launches] in a very [seamless] manner.”

Frank Body experienced a 60% year-over-year sales increase in 2020 and expects that 2021 will see revenue double, compared to 2019.Frank Body is on track to triple its revenue from 2020 levels over the next three years and achieve $100 million in sales by 2024, Rowley said. This is a revised timeline that the brand shared in 2019 when it expected to reach that goal by 2022. In 2019, Frank Body anticipated earning between $25 million and $30 million in sales. E-commerce accounts for 40% of Frank Body’s sales. Outside the Ulta expansion, Frank Body does not intend to lean on any other significant retail partnerships to fuel growth, Rowley added.

“Our focus and our North star aspiration is to be Australia’s largest global beauty export,” said Rowley. “To do that we need to set that business foundation while building [distribution].”

In addition to offering body care, Frank Body offers hair care, lip care and face care products. To support the launch of its personal care range, Frank Body wanted to emphasize the “personal” part of personal care. In a month-long Instagram campaign called Getting Personal, the brand aims to better explain its clean positioning, which it defines as: no parabens or phthalates, among other ingredient classes, and no aluminum in its deodorants. Frank Body gifted free products to paid and unpaid micro- and macro-influencers across a spectrum of people such as Tess Daly, a disabled beauty influencer, and fitness and beauty influencer Moira Tumas. To kick off the campaign, the brand founders wrote a brief personal letter that was posted on Instagram that explained their motivation for and the viewpoint behind the Everyday Range.

“We’ve always set this up to be a business that’s larger than us and something we see that’s going to stand and continue in the future,” said Bree Johnson, Frank Body co-founder.