Jill Manoff

Jill Manoff

Editor-in-Chief, Glossy; Global Editorial Director, Glossy Brands

Jill Manoff

Editor-in-Chief, Glossy; Global Editorial Director, Glossy Brands

  • Day in the Life: Designer Margherita Missoni

    Margherita Missoni, the granddaughter of Missoni co-founders Ottavio and Rosita Missoni, has had a long career in the fashion industry — but it hasn’t followed the expected path. “When I was pregnant with my second son, I decided to leave my role at Missoni and start my own childrenswear collection,” she said. “I...

  • Inside Luisa Via Roma’s personalization strategy

    Personalization hasn’t come easy for many retailers. For Luisa Via Roma, the 87-year-old Italy-based luxury fashion retailer, customizing communication with customers has been especially tricky. Late last year, it teamed with customer engagement platform Dynamic Yield to work out the kinks.

  • At Fashion Month, usable tech takes center stage

    This fashion month, designers are getting real about what type of technology flies with shoppers, especially in the realm of wearables: Many have transitioned to undetectable tech, refreshingly created with the wearer, versus press coverage, in mind.

  • Marie Claire’s first retail pop-up is based on the store of the future

    Marie Claire's first pop-up store, The Next Big Thing, in collaboration with Mastercard, is the publisher's way of establishing itself as a full blown brand. By working with partners like Neiman Marcus and Clarins, in addition to Mastercard, the magazine is exploring how the in-store experience will look and feel...

  • How data is changing the very model of the modern merchandiser

    E-commerce retailers are competing to offer the most personalized experience to customers who visit their site, a strategy that touches on personalized product recommendations, messages and assortment. But when data is ruling a retailer, where does the buyer fit in?

  • Eileen Fisher wants to reach younger consumers through recycled fashion

    Eileen Fisher's recycled clothing program is at the center of its play to win over a younger customer. The Renew program, the details of which are on display at a gallery in Brooklyn, asks for customers' old Eileen Fisher clothing back, then either resells them used or breaks down the...

  • Inside Dior’s first micro-influencer campaign

    With luxury brands finally coming around to influencer marketing, Dior is taking a unique approach by going after micro-influencers, who theoretically drive more engagement.

  • Harper’s Bazaar reboots e-commerce play ShopBazaar to go niche

    ShopBazaar, after trying to scale to the size of a true e-commerce marketplace, scaled operations back when it faced a tide of competition. As part of a relaunch, the shopping arm of Harper's Bazaar teamed up with a network of boutique buyers to support small-batch shopping.

  • At Curvy Con, plus-sized fashion takes center stage

    Today, showing models of all sizes on a catwalk is less of a novelty, displaying a size-16 style on the same rack as a size 2 isn’t unheard of, and dressing a plus-size woman in a look from a fall 2017 collection is doable. Much of the shift can be...