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  • What’s Next for Food Service Brands?

    2020 brought about a crisis for many food service businesses — and also forced innovation. On the marketing side of things, it meant all plans went out the window. For Shake Shack, it meant [...]

  • People, Places, & Creating Innovative Spaces

    Coronavirus restrictions have drastically limited the physical spaces that people can occupy while the struggle for racial justice has raised questions over who feels welcome in shared spaces. The [...]

  • The Evolving Workforce

    Maintaining and hiring the best talent to help businesses thrive is perhaps more important than ever. Businesses can no longer rely on some of the more compelling parts of workplace culture [...]

  • Communicating and Leading in a Crisis

    Like many organizations, UNICEF USA has had to pivot its approach to respond to COVID-19. On top of supporting our workforce, the organization has been supporting UNICEF’s massive global [...]

  • Case Study with Sellwin Consulting

    Julie Weitzner, evp at Sellwin Consulting will take us through how to build a solid foundation when it comes to advertising beyond search, what tailoring content for Amazon looks like, and how to [...]

  • Case Study with e.l.f Cosmetics

    How does it look in practice? Ekta Chopra will take us through the evolution of e.l.f. Cosmetics has experienced while on Amazon, where the brand started and how it got where it is [...]

  • Amazon DSP vs. Sponsored Display

    In this session, Adam will cover how brands should be thinking about sponsored display and Amazon DSP, the opportunities that exist within both our insight to what the future holds for upper funnel [...]

  • Crash Course: Advertising Beyond Search

    We’ll pack all the basics of advertising beyond search into a 25-minutes session delivered by Price Glomski, svp of digital commerce at PMG and begin to uncover how you can unlock this valuable [...]