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Today, the Glossy Beauty Podcast turns one. If you’ve been listening, you know that every week, we speak with the people making change happen in the beauty and wellness industries.

For this special anniversary episode, we’ve rounded up three clips from the most popular interviews of the last year.

Vicky Tsai, founder and chief treasure hunter of Tatcha
“When we first brought [Tatcha] to the U.S., I tried to hire PR agencies, and they said, ‘You don’t have a story here. Nobody cares about Japanese beauty, or natural, or blotting papers.'”

John Demsey, executive group president of Estée Lauder Companies
“A lot of the overnight sensations that people think have found huge success in a digital, consumer-direct way have been around a long time.”

Robert Rosenheck, founder and CEO of Lord Jones
“People who suffer from depression and anxiety, and they take SSRIs — anti-depression medication — they often describe [using them] as a veil being lifted, or, ‘All the noise in my head gets lowered,’ or ‘I got in touch with my true self.’ And I felt that immediately after I smoked marijuana.”