Mercedes Benz and Rolls-Royce are in an arms race to see who can out luxury each other.

Both high-end automakers launched exclusive items this week in an effort to catapult themselves to the upper echelon of exclusivity. First was Mercedes Benz, which debuted a $1.7 million Edition 1 Arrow 460-Grandturismo yacht at the annual Monaco Yacht Show, with intentions to sell only to 10 select individuals in 2017 in an effort to enhance its rarity.

mercedes-yacht (1)

Not one to be out done, Rolls-Royce announced a $46,000 picnic basket made of leather and wood with place settings for four, including two carafes for alcohol, crystal glasses and tins for the food. The basket is being offered as an upgrade to the Phantom coupe car, which retails at $400,000 and was sold to just 50 people, and functions as an installment in the trunk.

Mercedes Benz first toyed with the concept of yacht development back in 2012, before partnering with yacht company Silver Arrows Marine to bring the idea to fruition, Business Insider reported. It incorporates elements of former car models and stands at just 46-feet, small for a yacht, but packed with amenities, including adjustable seats and windows, a sound system, ice maker and wine storage.

Though a $46,000 picnic basket may seem ostentatious, it turns out there is an existing market for luxe baskets like the Rolls-Royce offering. Fortnum & Mason St. James sells a picnic hamper for $706, Williams and Sonoma has a $350 offering, and Aston Martin offers custom, bespoke baskets.