Introducing the Glossy+ Report: The New Face of Beauty

Glossy+ members stay ahead of the rapidly evolving fashion and beauty industries with access to exclusive content, like our quarterly research reports.  In our newest edition, we surveyed more than 150 beauty and wellness insiders to discover which trends will transform the industry in the year ahead. Here’s a snippet of what we found. Glossy+ members can read the full report here.

The beauty industry, while still subject to the tides of trends, faces much more permanent shifts as the definitions of model, makeup artist and even “beauty product” stretch their scope to $445 billion in global sales.

If the beauty universe is expanding, then consider Instagram its “big bang.” The platform has pushed innovation and democratization in a way that pits indie Internet startups against legacy stalwarts, and enables brands as disparate as Kylie Cosmetics and Glossier to thrive for young-yet-engaged fans who are building earning potential.

And as Instagram is transforming companies from the inside out, the idea of what “luxury” even is has changed. Luxury now comes in the form of knowledge and social capital, and the transparency and peace of mind provided by “clean” brands like Deciem and marketplaces such as Credo signify that beauty is as much a symptom of good health as it is in a set of lash extensions.

With more understanding of “green ingredients” comes appreciation for green of a different nature: Cannabis, whose role in the “War on Drugs” approaches an armistice that picks up where retinoids left off as a cure-all antidote to acne and aging. Meanwhile, hair — perhaps a dermatological after-thought — makes headway toward the digital revolution.

And finally, what’s “real” or “natural” is no longer entirely relevant; influencers have come full-circle in the authenticity arena, and augmented reality — and we don’t mean Photoshop — means makeovers are just a selfie away.

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