Charli D’Amelio: Gen-Z name defining beauty

As the most followed person on TikTok, with 113 million followers as of April 2021, it’s a given that Charli D’Amelio will be influential in any avenue she pursues — beauty being no exception. 

Dancing is what catapulted her to fame on the short-form video-sharing platform in 2019. But the Connecticut-bred 16-year-old receives an average of more than 5 million likes for a casual clip, like a video of her applying makeup while sipping on one of her two namesake Dunkin’ coffee drinks (which, yes, are featured on the chain’s menu). 

“TikTok has just made me want to experiment more with makeup and want to get better at doing my own makeup,” said D’Amelio. “I love seeing what liquid blushes are trending, since that always seems to be a huge thing on TikTok and one of my favorite products to use on my own.”

While D’Amelio has cultivated relationships with beauty guru Hyram Yarbro, hair connoisseur Brad Mondo and even Jennifer Lopez (who wrote her Time 100 profile), it’s her recent collaboration with Morphe that put her on the map as a mainstay in this space. Teaming up with older sister (and fellow famous TikToker) Dixie D’Amelio in July 2020, the two launched Morphe 2, a collection of lip glosses, sheer foundation, jelly eye shimmers and standard skin-care necessities, among other practical beauty basics. 

“I love that all of the products are multipurpose, for those days that you just need a quick hint of color,” D’Amelio said. “I’m feeling a monochromatic pink glam [look] lately, and the Eye Wish Shadow Stick in Bubblegum gives you that soft wash of pink. You can use it as a liner or a shadow.”

Prior to this launch, the online personality had a handful of additional collaborations, including with Invisalign, Hollister and Orosa Beauty. But of this new venture, she said, “I learned so much about what actually goes into creating a beauty line. It was really inspiring to see the time and dedication that the Morphe 2 team put into this collection behind the scenes.”

D’Amelio and her family will star in the Hulu show “The D’Amelio Family,” launching later this year. And further down line, she said, a solo makeup launch is a possibility.

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