Addison Rae: Gen-Z name defining beauty

We’re still early into 2021, and Addison Rae is wasting no time staking her claim as the year’s biggest breakout star. 2020 put her on the map as a member of TikTok’s elite: She raked in an estimated $5 million and was the highest-paid TikToker as of October 2020, thanks to merch sales and sponsored opportunities including an ambassadorship with American Eagle. However, she’s swinging for the bleachers this year. She’s already graced Jimmy Fallon’s “The Tonight Show” stage to perform her hit single “Obsessed,” and she’ll be featured in the upcoming remake of the 1999 movie “She’s All That.” 

What’s more, Rae’s Item Beauty line continues to get buzz. Launched in August 2020 by Madeby Collective, Rae, 20, was enlisted as chief innovation officer and co-founder. She advised on creative ideation for the launch campaign, including social content. She also provided ideas on product assortment and marketing the brand’s launch during Covid. Since, she’s been testing products and conceptualizing photoshoots.

“This project has taught me so much about starting a business,” said Rae. “I’ve always had an entrepreneurial mindset, but this has been my first time actually launching a brand. I’ve loved learning and being a part of the product development process…I’ve always loved makeup,  so I love getting the opportunity to create products that allow people to be creative. Even more, I love that we’re making clean products that are still fun yet practical.”

For Item’s part, the team sees Addison’s involvement as an obvious choice for the brand.

“Addison Rae embodies the ethos of Item Beauty: promoting self love, having fun and supporting individuality,” said Cristina Bartosch, senior brand director at Item Beauty. “She captures the zeal of a generation that is redefining beauty standards and is a leader within the Gen-Z community. Upon meeting Addison, her passion for clean beauty, her creative spirit and her desire to work super collaboratively on bringing Item to life were clear.”

The brand, which currently consists of 13 skin-care and makeup products (with expansive shade ranges), aligns with Rae’s public persona. “She’s open about her goals and insecurities, and shares moments of her personal life, all while growing up with her audience,” Bartosch said. “Addison asks her audience what they want to see from her and what they struggle with, and asks for advice directly, making her audience feel like they’re part of her life. This is also what makes her relatable in the beauty space. Addison has a simplistic approach to beauty, a natural look, yet isn’t afraid to experiment. She’s playful, not too serious and accessible.” 

As for what Rae’s learned in her short life as an entrepreneur, Rae said, “There’s no dream too big.”

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