Gabriela Barkho

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  • Why J.Crew is revamping its rewards program

    J.Crew is the latest retailer to overhaul its rewards program to make it more enticing for shoppers to use often. Through its new J.Crew Passport program, the company is taking a page out of subsidiary Madewell's playbook by offering tiered rewards for its most loyal customers.

  • As the e-commerce boom subsides, Etsy’s growth is slowing down

    Etsy's pandemic-induced sales bump appears to be coming to an end. The company’s net income came in at $86.1 million, down 40.1% compared to a year ago. Furthermore, Etsy sales increased by a lesser-than-expected rate, jumping about 5.2% from year-over-year. This marked the first time the company grew by just...