Ana Andjelic

Ana Andjelic

Ana Andjelic

  • Opinion: What are pop-ups good for?

    As the pop-up landscape matures, consumer fatigue and market saturation with “immersive,” Instagrammable destinations force retailers to explore how having a pop-up store ladders up to their brand and business. Successful pop-ups today are not a sole PR play and/or a sales and distribution channel. They succeed because their role...

  • Opinion: A brand guide to building content capabilities in-house

    Across fashion and beauty, both established and emerging brands are serious about investing in content. The challenge is that they don’t always know where to start or how to set up streamlined content operations. The outcome is that content is outsourced to publishers’ content studios and/or agencies. This is a missed...

  • Opinion: 4 mandates of innovation for every brand CMO

    A company cannot innovate if its suppliers, manufacturers, distributors and packaging partners are lagging behind. CMOs often do not have the authority to innovate, at least not in reality, as their roles do not encompass the entire value chain. But innovation is a growth engine, not a project -- and...

  • Opinion: The problem with luxury fashion’s YouTube strategy

    Bag review videos, unboxing videos and live-streaming shopping videos are all the rage, especially in Asia. They are instructional and homemade, and they clock enviable viewership and engagement, often considerably surpassing that of professionally produced videos featured on luxury fashion brands’ official channels. 

  • hospitality and retailOpinion: The experience economy is blurring the lines between hospitality and retail

    The best brand experiences today are not about brands, but about life. Life doesn’t distinguish between categories. Consumers increasingly expect experiences that are holistic, seamlessly integrating different aspects of their lives. This emerging, strategic territory provides three lessons for hospitality brands.

  • Opinion: 5 pillars of a successful content strategy

    To be successful, a consistent and sustainable content strategy needs to be an organizational mandate, and a brand and business priority. A smart content strategy provides the glue between the brand’s various activities, and acts as an often-missing link between brand and performance marketing. To improve their content game, luxury...

  • Opinion: The hair-care industry is due for a change

    It’s time to change the hair-care industry. Beauty’s least innovative category, hair care has until recently operated business as usual, with salons and retailers as the key gateways for consumers. While this may still be the case, hair care is slowly starting to experiment with new the business models and...

  • Opinion: The problem with transparency in fashion

    The current dominant modes of enforcing transparency in fashion -- through green capsule collections, sustainability pledges and raw material traceability via blockchain -- are all focused on cleaning up fashion production, but that's not enough to create real change.

  • Opinion: The ‘4 Cs’ of the modern beauty brand

    In today’s beauty industry, success is more unpredictable than ever. This is because much of it is the result of social influence: the effect people have on one another’s decisions. Today, this effect is massive; thanks to Instagram and YouTube and Snapchat and Pinterest, we are constantly exposed to one...