How brands are reaching premium skincare shoppers

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From high-end sunscreen to luxury moisturizer, premium skincare is on the rise. The beauty category, including premium body, bath and shower, face, suncare and men’s skincare products, generated $15.5 billion in online retail sales in 2021 within the U.S. and is expected to double in the next five years, according to eMarketer. With this type of growth, beauty brands have the opportunity to build brand trust and help meet the demands of customers looking to discover new premium skincare products. 

“When it comes to the premium skincare category, we know marketers are speaking to their customers at different stages across their discovery and purchase journey,” said Jeannie Morton, beauty sales leader at Amazon Ads. “Adopting an omnichannel strategy that features brand name, reviews and recommendations could help brands engage audiences at the right time, across various touchpoints in their journey.” 

Increase visibility and recognition as shoppers browse to buy

For premium skincare shoppers, there are a few factors they consider when deciding on a product to purchase. One of those factors is brand name, with 2-in-3 shoppers indicating brand name is an important factor in their shopping journeys. 

“Branding is a critical component in the premium skincare category,” said Morton. “And that’s why we recommend brands consider an always-on presence to stay top-of-mind and reach new shoppers who are entering the category year-round.” 

Many premium skincare customers are now on a hunt for products that fit their skincare needs, with hydration cited as the number one priority for many customers, according to an internal Kantar and Amazon Ads survey from 2021. Other top skincare needs include anti-aging, acne and blemish and brightening skin. Brands should consider creating messaging around how their products can help customers address their skincare needs and inspire them on their shopping journeys.

Brands can also expand their visibility by including adjacent categories where they may engage with new shoppers. 

“New audiences can come from the places you’d least expect,” explained Morton. “For instance, a new clean premium beauty brand may resonate with customers shopping in an adjacent category, such as healthcare and wellness products. If you’re only reaching shoppers who are already buying products that are similar to yours, you may be missing an opportunity to connect with new audiences.” 

New and repeat shoppers are also shopping during an extended discovery phase surrounding tentpole events, such as Black Friday, Prime Day and Valentine’s Day. 

According to internal Amazon research, those shopping for Valentine’s Day often begin searching at the start of January and peak on February 14. Digital ad solutions could help customers along their path to purchase. In fact, 84% of premium skincare shoppers that visited Amazon recalled seeing an ad. 

Earn customer trust through reviews and recommendations

Other factors premium skincare shoppers consider when deciding on the best products for them are ratings, recommendations and brand comparisons. According to the same survey, 38% of premium skincare shoppers said they found the products they were looking for with the help of product recommendations and ratings on Amazon. And, 46% of surveyed shoppers indicated they visited Amazon to help them find the right products for their needs regardless of where they purchased their products. 

Whether it’s looking to achieve a clearer look or boosting skin hydration, shoppers turn to ratings and product recommendations to help them find new products and to help them feel more informed about their purchases. With this in mind, 64% of premium skincare shoppers said the information they found on Amazon helped them feel more confident in their purchases. 

Reach audiences where they are

Premium skincare audiences bounce from streaming TV and music to shopping online in their path to purchase.

Furthermore, the same Kantar Amazon Ads study also found that the number of Amazon premium skincare shoppers using Alexa-enabled devices and Prime Video exceeds the total number of skincare shoppers within the U.S. — both mass beauty and premium skincare shoppers combined.  

Developing a strategic mix of upper-, mid- and lower-funnel activations using a range of omnichannel marketing, such as video and audio ad placements, is a vital tactic for brands and their new and emerging premium skincare products. 

“You can educate audiences about the value that your brand brings to them with audio ads and then allow them to take that immediate step to add it to their cart with Alexa-enabled devices,” added Morton. “It’s a really effective way to educate, engage, inform and create that convenience and frictionless experience for shoppers.”

This is how brands can start conversations with shoppers and help keep them engaged through purchase and post-purchase loyalty. 

Overall, premium skincare shoppers reported relying on brand name, ratings, recommendations and product or brand comparisons. Developing an omnichannel strategy with various ad types across related categories and tentpole events that premium skincare shoppers gravitate toward helps create a recipe for success. 

Brands that find ways to appear as shoppers are researching products will be more likely to be remembered when the time comes to make a purchase decision.

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