Gen Z’s TikTok habit is fueling fast fashion 

Despite all the talk of Gen Z prioritizing values and breathing new life into corporate social responsibility, when it comes to fashion, many are gravitating to cute, cheap things that will resonate on social media. And this year’s TikTok boom is adding fuel to that fire.

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Fashion brands are further distancing themselves from department stores

Fashion brands are shifting away from department stores’ remaining value propositions, one of which is convenience via an abundance of products. For shoppers not willing to wait for even next-day delivery, there’s the option to run into a department store and find a choice style on a rack stocked with a full size range. But [...]

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Inside beauty deals in the age of Zoom

While the expectation is that deal diligence and closing could take anywhere from three to 12 months longer in the current economic climate, many relationships are benefitting from longer vetting periods. Firms have to prove their value in this Covid-19 marathon, while brands have to show they're equipped to weather trends, channel disruption and behavioral [...]

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The party’s over: Retailers known for going-out looks are switching gears

Social butterflies are being forced to sit 2020 out, and their go-to fashion sources are adjusting their product assortments accordingly. 

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Gorjana's co-founders Jason and Gorjana Reidel on prioritizing profitability over growth

The past few years have seen DTC brands in an arms race of valuation, where VCs and investors have pushed for faster and faster growth, often at the expense of long-term sustainability and profitability. But the pandemic has changed that, according to Gorjana Reidel and Jason Griffin Reidel, co-founders of jewelry brand Gorjana.


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