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For fashion, beauty and luxury brands, reliant as they are on the online DTC experience, business IT continuity plans have now come to include the effects of the global pandemic. The good news is that for many in the fashion and beauty space — businesses that are already leaning-in to digital commerce and cloud infrastructure — a strong plan will provide a framework for responding to contingencies and making sound decisions so that valuable business investments and growth are protected.

In this continuity-preparedness checklist, we’ll explore the most essential tips and tools to mitigate crisis impacts to the technology that keeps brands — especially online-first brands — up and running.

Download the checklist and learn:

  • How fashion and beauty brands can identify foreseeable IT threats to business continuity
  • How to structure mitigation plans and response teams to minimize disruption and respond to challenges quickly
  • How to ensure business continuity by making an efficient shift to digital commerce

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