The guide to “partner marketing:” How to ensure your affiliate marketing program is built to last

In today’s tech-driven ecosystem, partner marketing — aka affiliate marketing — has become critical. The strategy, which relies on external partners do carry out some of a brand’s marketing efforts, provides companies with new customers and predictable ROI.

But, as the demise of many a partner marketing program makes clear, it’s not as simple as it seems. Such programs, when run in isolation, are doomed to certain failure. Aside from solid strategic planning, there’s one key to avoiding that fate: Meticulous coordination across all the players involved. It’s the only way for a brand to turn its affiliates into true partners.

In this guide to partner marketing, you’ll learn:

  • How to set effective revenue goals
  • How to plan and build a diverse partner portfolio
  • How to create compelling offers to get partners onboard
  • Strategic tips for selecting the right social media influencers

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