The state of site search

For today’s consumers, more and more of the customer journey is taking place online. But as DTC and CPG brands attempt to move shoppers through every phase of the customer journey, their own websites remain a central challenge. 

According to new findings, companies are struggling to create an effective on-site experience. As a result, customers often abandon the e-commerce funnel before the conversion stage, and crucial CRM data goes uncollected. In a new report based on a survey of DTC and CPG professionals, gain insights into the tools and tactics brands and retailers are using to improve on-site search and engagement, and where they’re currently falling short.

Download the report to learn more about: 

  • Why brands and retailers are struggling with onsite search
  • How DTC and CPG brands diverge when it comes to online customer experience 
  • How brands and retailers are leveraging on-site search data to measure customer intent
  • How companies are leveraging new search tools, including natural-language processing

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