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With significantly more consumers making online purchases, their digital experience during shipping, delivery and returns is more important now than ever before. To help identify gaps in this experience, parcelLab analyzed 50 global health and beauty brands and created this new report to highlight what they found.

Among the brands they investigated, 67% did not send a tracking link — or they sent one that did not work immediately. In other findings, 96% failed to send personalized communication during shipping and 45% expected consumers to arrange and pay for returns themselves. Each of these discoveries contains a lesson for marketers.

Download this new report to learn:

– How the standard of post-purchase customer experience delivered by brands like Glossier, Kiehl’s and MAC is impacting business

– A winning formula for brands striving to outperform competitors

– How to build sustainability into the customer experience during shipping, delivery and returns

Sponsored by parcelLab.