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A brand’s e-commerce experience is not always tied to traffic. While the pandemic has sparked an e-commerce boom, 92% of customers who visit an online store don’t actually make a purchase. Their reasons range from confusing navigation to a slow website or difficult checkout process. 

So how, exactly, can brands create a flexible e-commerce platform that will make customers want to complete their journey? To start, brands need to have platforms that allow them to continuously analyze customer behavior and create content and shopping experiences for a variety of customer types.

This new guide from Magento Commerce breaks down the essential features companies need to produce an online shopping experience that appeals to customers at every stage of their journey.

Download this guide to learn:

– How cloud-native e-commerce platforms with cloud services offer the best performance and speed during high traffic times

– Why it is necessary to use a platform that makes it easy to create content and segment content based on user interest and behavior

– Why brands need to use a platform that supports Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) to optimize the mobile experience for shoppers

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