Report: The advertisers guide to light e-commerce

No matter the trends, not every brand can — or should — go full direct-to-consumer, but every brand can learn from the DTC playbook.

Namely, the most successful DTC players have created dazzling moments and deep customer relationships with attractive brand-website experiences, Shoppable social activations and robust influencer strategies. However, to borrow those tactics and win with DTC-like moves, brands must first identify where their customers work, play and shop — and what they want. 

Enter light e-commerce: a DTC-like e-commerce strategy for brands and CPGs that do not have the end-to-end fulfillment to operate a full e-commerce experience on their own. Light e-commerce empowers brands and CPGs to capture data like a DTC player while leaving warehousing and fulfillment up to their retail partners. 

In this tactical guide, Glossyand Shoppable put a lens on the key areas in which nimble CPG brands are powering their sales and customer experiences with light e-commerce experiences. 

Download this guide and learn more about: 

  • Activating customers and conversions with multi-channel e-commerce
  • Optimizing for the right conversion — and defining a “wrong” conversion
  • Diversifying and moving away from Amazon-only models
  • What’s next for light e-commerce and its impact?

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