Report: Seven strategies brands need to retain loyal customers this year

The retail landscape has never been more competitive than the present, with e-commerce and in-store channels simultaneously in play and transforming. For marketing teams wanting to claim customers and market share, it’s never been more crucial to build and optimize their loyalty and retention strategies. 

The outcomes are quantifiable. Increasing retention by just 5% can boost retailers’ profit by as much as 95%. And repeat customers are adopters — they are 50% more likely to try new products and spend 31% more compared to new customers. 

It’s no surprise that retailers of all sorts are funneling resources and budget into building up repeat business. This guide sheds light on some of the data-driven strategies retailers can employ to focus those retention efforts.

Download this new guide from Endear to learn:

  • How to best segment customers to ensure retainment
  • Which messages drive the most reengagement and purchases
  • The importance of personalization in promotions
  • Why clienteling is more important than traditional customer service

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