How fashion and beauty brands are driving customer growth and retention

Today’s challenge for e-commerce brands — especially those in the fashion and beauty spaces — is doing more with less. Constant economic disruption is squeezing marketing budgets, forcing brands to cut ad spending on traditional customer acquisition channels. 

At the same time, customer expectations for personalized experiences are higher than ever. As the fashion and beauty industries grapple with an ever-crowded space, the focus must be on standing out to consumers. With this in mind, these brands are deepening consumer relationships to drive acquisition, boost retention and increase lifetime value. 

These brands thrive on understanding their customers’ behavior and needs — leveraging strategies and tools like first-party and zero-party data, dynamic segmentation and personalization to build solid and lasting relationships with shoppers.

Download this guide from Cohora to learn:

  • How brands are activating first- and zero-party data more effectively
  • Why brands are using loyalty programs to measure retention
  • The difference between dynamic segmentation and personalization
  • How interactive activities are yielding rich customer insights

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How fashion and beauty brands are driving customer growth and retention

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