A Complete Marketers Guide to Optimizing Campaign ROI: Sponsored by Claritas

As campaigns become more complex and engage consumers across countless channels, it becomes harder and harder for brands to know what kind of return they’re getting on their marketing. Accurately measuring campaigns across channels helps brands immeasurably when it comes to improving ROI.

Effective campaign measurement can help marketers to confirm that ads were delivered where and when they were planned, to know when impressions were actually seen by human eyes, to calculate the total lift in KPIs, and understand how specific campaign elements such as channels, creative and audiences contributed to incremental engagements and conversions. So why are so many brands still struggling when it comes to optimizing ROI through effective measurement — and how can they fix the problem?

For answers, download this new guide for marketers, and you’ll learn:

  • How to solve multi-channel attribution challenges
  • How to distinguish relevance from recency across campaigns and creative
  • How to avoid common ad challenges such as bots, plus channel and format incompatibility
  • Tips for to analyzing the path to conversion so you can optimize more effectively

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