Suman Bhattacharyya

  • NOV 28, 2018

    How keeping Bonobos separate helps Walmart build online-only brands

    While Walmart's acquisition tear may yield questions as to whether the e-commerce brands will inevitably be swallowed up by the larger behemoth, keeping Bonobos separate from Walmart serves two key objectives: It lets Bonobos benefit from Walmart's scale and resources, and it allows Walmart to learn about how digitally native brands are built -- important lessons as the company grows its own e-commerce business.

  • JUL 20, 2018

    How Target is using an app to acquire customer feedback

    Target is using a proprietary app called Studio Connect to let designers get real-time feedback from customers. It's an attempt at co-creation, where designers can make products and tweak them according to ongoing customer feedback. Target is taking that approach up a notch with a data-driven approach to choose customer product testers, and it's using its own app to guard the response data. The app is designed to quickly influence product changes and build excitement among customers who feel they're being treated to an exclusive experience.

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