Jill Manoff

Jill Manoff

Editor-in-Chief, Glossy; Global Editorial Director, Glossy Brands

Jill Manoff

Editor-in-Chief, Glossy; Global Editorial Director, Glossy Brands

  • ‘Interrupting inequality’: Streetwear is bucking the genderless fashion hype

    Considering the recent merging of men's and women's collections, and the range of designers who have turned to unisex looks, it would seem fashion is well on its way gender inclusivity. But after years of forcing women to borrow from the boys, streetwear is going against the grain and carving...

  • New Yorkers weigh in on whether fashion should associate with the Trumps

    After months of speculation, it’s now clear that there are designers willing to dress Melania and Ivanka Trump, and fashion publications at the ready to cover their looks. Both stepped up to the plate on inauguration weekend, and both received backlash — which inspired our latest “On the Street” poll:...

  • Day in the Life: Cosmopolitan.com editor Amy Odell

    Since launching her career as an outsider "from the back row," Amy Odell has been rising up the ranks of fashion media. Today, she's the editor of Cosmpolitan.com, where she coordinates content with Cosmo's print editor, leads Redbook.com and oversees Cosmopolitan's Snapchat Discover channel. Here's a typical day in her...

  • Social media is forcing women’s health magazines to reinvent

    If you’ve been paying attention to the Health & Fitness section of your local newsstand, you’ve likely noticed some changes: For one, cover lines referencing get-skinny stories are no longer; in their place are teasers about living healthy and learning to love your figure. You can thank social media.

  • The year in fashion activism

    This year, fashion activism took many forms and was carried out in the name of a number of progressive causes, from fighting ascendant Trumpism to promoting Black Lives Matter. The fashion community banded together to be heard by way of slogan-splashed T-shirts, the brands they supported, the list goes on.

  • Pre-fall is a response to a new ‘endless scroll’ mindset

    In fashion, pre-fall has long been an ill-defined season, full of summer and fall styles that are released over a several-months span. But the included collections are often designers' top money makers — and what's more, they work wonders to hold customers' attention.

  • How Gucci ruled 2016

    Thanks to its creative director, Alessandro Michele, Gucci's sales and reputation reached new heights in 2016. For a closer look at the brand's eventful, standout year, we decided to break it down. Consider this your month-by-month guide to what it takes to reach it-brand status.

  • Why there’s a really good chance you’re working a K-beauty trend

    With more U.S. retailers carrying South Korean skincare and makeup imports, and beauty brands increasingly plucking ideas from the range, K-beauty’s U.S. reach extends far beyond the tutorials and shelfies of beauty junkies. In fact, it’s gone mainstream.

  • You need Instagram to make it as a model, even if you’re Kendall Jenner

    Today, models’ Instagram photos and follower counts are referred to often, by everyone from casting directors wondering about their personalities to brand executives looking to align themselves with influential talent. In short, they’re commonly the catalyst for models’ biggest deals.