Dahvi Shira

Dahvi Shira

Dahvi Shira

  • TikTok’s ‘LA Cool Girl’ has a diversity problem

    To a large population of native Angelenos, who reside everywhere from Pico Rivera to Van Nuys, “L.A. Cool Girl” content diminishes L.A.’s rich, cultured history and distorts the meaning of "cool" in the large, minority-driven city.

  • Jadyn Xavier: Gen-Z name changing fashion

    “Don’t overthink something. If you like it, wear it with confidence. Own your style.” –Jadyn Xavier

  • Bretman Rock: Gen-Z name changing fashion

    “Vanity is something I’ve always been obsessed with, whether it’s hair or makeup, and especially clothing… I want to let the world know that, yes, I can slay a face. But I can also slay garments.” –Bretman Rock

  • Ellie Zeiler featured in front of purple backgroundEllie Zeiler: Gen-Z name changing fashion

    “The pressure to post content that people like can feel overwhelming at times … but I try to keep perspective and remember that it’s all about creating content that I like.” –Ellie Zeiller

  • Emma Chamberlain: Gen-Z name changing fashion

    “I totally understand why it may be uncomfortable for some [people] to see digital stars attending high fashion events, because [what we do] is so new and relatively misunderstood.” -Emma Chamberlain

  • Charli D’Amelio: Gen-Z name defining beauty

    As the most followed person on TikTok, with 113 million followers as of April 2021, it's a given that Charli D’Amelio will be influential in any avenue she pursues -- beauty being no exception. 

  • Emma Chamberlain: Gen-Z name defining beauty

    YouTuber-turned-Gen Z-icon Emma Chamberlain has made relatability the core of her personal brand. This comes in the form of regularly documenting her acne struggles and, through solo drives, scouring Los Angeles for the best coffee. “Very quickly, I realized how powerful it was to be open about how imperfect life really...

  • Alexis Oakley on yellow backgroundAlexis Oakley: Gen-Z name defining beauty

    Now, at 23, Oakley’s days of assisting makeup artists are behind her, with solo work with Jessica Alba and Paris Hilton in her portfolio, and a laundry list of industry professionals who trust and recommend her work.

  • Addison Rae with yellow backgroundAddison Rae: Gen-Z name defining beauty

    We’re still early into 2021, and Addison Rae is wasting no time staking her claim as the year’s biggest breakout star. 2020 put her on the map as a member of TikTok’s elite: She raked in an estimated $5 million and was the highest-paid TikToker as of October 2020, thanks...