Fearing a holiday email onslaught, DTC startups turn to text messaging to promote sales

There's no shortage of "last chance" sales hitting email inboxes these days, as desperate retailers like Gap and Macy's are trying to squeeze some much-needed revenue out of shoppers. But that also makes it harder for younger startups to grab customers' attention, when every retail company in the world is trying to email them. So, [...]

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'It is all DTC now': VCs are eager to strike deals again

In March, the fundraising environment for direct-to-consumer startups was "downright frozen," as Michael Duda, managing partner at hybrid accelerator agency and venture capital fund Bullish, put it. Now, March seems like a lifetime ago. Over the past six months, many direct-to-consumer startups in categories ranging from home improvement, health and wellness, and food have struck it [...]

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Fashion Briefing: How the first virtual NYFW will change fashion week

Based on insiders’ reviews, there were pros and cons to the first virtual NYFW, as to be expected in any first stab. But even to spectators, it was apparent what worked -- and what should stick around come February to best serve the industry and engage audiences. 

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Credibility, reach and physical footprint: Senreve's Coral Chung on weighing retail partners

On this week’s Glossy+ Talk, Coral Chung, co-founder and CEO of Senreve, spoke about how her brand has navigated the different sales channels, what pros and cons she sees in each, and how she weighs which retail partners to work with. 

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Beauty & Wellness Briefing: The art of the virtual beauty campaign

Pre-pandemic, brands were known to give creators and influencers highly instructive criteria to be featured in campaigns or to send them to far-flung locales to hype up launches. Even highly publicized UGC seemed to have a professional production quality. Nowadays, companies are willing to relinquish control in an effort to foster engagement and sales with [...]


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