For DTC brands, this was meant to be the year of profitability

A month ago, I was talking to the founder of a one-year-old direct-to-consumer startup who was out fundraising. The founder told me it was a weird time to be fundraising. The coronavirus outbreak was just starting in the U.S, and some investors were already starting to get hesitant about deploying capital. Additionally, many of the [...]

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Mall Rats: Gen-Z shoppers are rerouting the future of physical retail

As “retail apocalypse” rumors continue to fly, teenagers are reviving shopping centers’ foot traffic. Among the draws are a social experience, immediate gratification, a personal branding opportunity and a much-needed break from their mobile phones.  

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How the surgical mask became the fashion industry’s beacon of hope

When California and New York announced statewide lockdowns late last week, it was a jolt to workers in the notoriously hard-working fashion industry. Rather than take it lying down, many started fighting for their companies. For example, rather than cease production altogether, they found a workaround in the form of making medical masks -- a [...]

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The Cult of Brandy Melville

The fashion retailer built a community of Gen-Z diehards, despite its many practices that suggest it’s not trying to make friends.

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Layoffs, furloughs, rent deferrals and government assistance: What the beauty industry is facing during coronavirus

Like the U.S. restaurant industry which has been badly hit by Covid-19, the beauty segment -- particularly service-oriented businesses -- is facing an existence that no small company could have been prepared for.


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