Jessica Schiffer

Jessica Schiffer

Jessica Schiffer

  • How makeup brands are capitalizing on the skin-care boom

    Brands like E.l.f. Cosmetics, W3ll People and Neutrogena are increasingly marketing their makeup products as beneficial for skin health. With the color cosmetics category slowing down over the last year, these repositioning efforts are likely an effort to capitalize on the skin-care segment’s comparable success.

  • Self-care apps are the latest wellness trend

    As the wellness movement surges, the concept of self-care is increasingly in vogue, and app developers are rushing to make the most of it. Calm, Happify, Talkspace, Pacifica, Shine, Gratitude and Lantern are just a few of the self-care-driven apps populating the iOs and Android app stores right now, and...

  • Day in the Life: Rachel ten Brink, co-founder of Deck of Scarlet and Scentbird

    Rachel ten Brink earned her chops at legacy companies like L’Oreal, Estee Lauder and Procter & Gamble, but when she co-founded Scentbird with Mariya Nurislamova, Sergey Gusev and Andrei Rebrov in 2014, the goal was to break from tradition. We asked ten Brink to detail a recent busy day in...

  • How InStyle is cashing in on beauty e-commerce

    InStyle has been rolling out its “Best Beauty Buys” franchise quietly since 1995, but its potential has increased for the publication in recent years as both beauty and e-commerce have boomed. Today, it’s not just a key tentpole of the brand, but it's also an important moneymaker: Sales from the...

  • Why the QVC model still works for beauty brands

    At a time when much of the beauty conversation is happening online, QVC may not seem like the smartest contender for new brands looking for a place to launch or expand their reach. But, to this day, the 32-year-old television shopping network remains a key platform for those young brands,...

  • The implications of Shiseido’s investment in Violet Grey

    For Shiseido, the appeal lies in studying up on Violet Grey’s e-commerce strategy, which uses magazine-worthy editorial content (from celebrity interviews to tutorials) to promote its wide array of prestige beauty products, ranging from skin care to fragrance from brands like Byredo and Tom Ford.

  • How Mario Badescu’s latest social media push earned it $2.4 million

    In the last few months, the legacy brand Mario Badescu has brought itself back into the spotlight by infusing some of its hero products with newness and relying on a savvy influencer strategy. As a result, it made Tribe Dynamics’ top 10 roundup of skin-care brands with the most earned...

  • The Sephora effect: How the retailer wields its power to boost new beauty brands

    It's not simply Sephora’s status or widespread distribution that matters, it’s what the company does for the young brands it partners with -- namely, featuring them prominently across its website and social content, as well as in its popular sampling program.

  • Confessions of a beauty product developer: ‘Fenty Beauty lit a fire under us’

    Product development in the beauty space is not what it used to be. Brands today are held to higher standards than ever before when it comes to their ingredients, supply chain and embrace of diverse skin tones. For our latest confessions, in which we grant anonymity to someone in the...