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The Rise of Streetwear

Social media serves both as a window into personal style and a spotlight on the up-and-coming brands that mark cool-kid fashion. Designers like Demna Gvasalia, the founder of Vetements, created a cult brand on social media that landed him a creative director role at Balenciaga, while decades-old streetwear brand Supreme pops up all over Instagram in a new age of exposure.

  • DEC 12, 2018

    Major sneaker resellers share how the market is leading to ‘the reinvention of retail’

    The sneaker resale industry is valued at more than $1 billion, and resellers like Stadium Goods have received funding from major players like LVMH’s Luxury Ventures investment arm. We spoke to some of the biggest resellers in the world -- GOAT, StockX and Stadium Goods -- to explore where the sneaker resale market is now, how it got there and where it’s going.

  • DEC 12, 2018

    With acquisition of Stadium Goods, Farfetch solidifies streetwear and luxury's relationship

    The move comes at a time when the worlds of streetwear and luxury are increasingly coming together and Stadium Goods has been at the center of this convergence. The reseller previously received significant funding from LVMH’s investment arm. Both companies stand to gain from the move, each offering access to a section of their audience that the other lacks.

  • OCT 16, 2018

    How streetwear collabs make uncool brands cool

    Collaborations are a major part of streetwear culture. Recent history is full of examples of unexpected collaborations, many of which are notable at least for their novelty. From Bape x Carhartt to The Hundreds x Disney to Supreme x Hanes (or Supreme x White Castle, or Supreme x Budweiser, etc.), these collaborations are plentiful. Balenciaga -- which is arguably more luxury than streetwear, but has gained a significant following in street culture -- even valiantly attempted to make Crocs seem cool.

  • OCT 04, 2018

    Rotarity aims to be the streetwear answer to Rent the Runway

    For Rotarity founder Chris Hasek-Watt, the inspiration to create a rental service for streetwear came from a very pragmatic place: his own unwillingness to spend massive amounts of money on clothes he would only wear a few times.

  • OCT 01, 2018

    'The water runs the other way': How streetwear reversed luxury's trickle-down effect

    For many in the fashion world, streetwear’s influence on luxury goes beyond just collaborating with Supreme or having a model wear a Thrasher shirt on the runway. The shift is deeper, stronger and more fundamental than that. Street style’s business model and philosophy — focusing on personal expression, hyped-up drops, consumer-driven trends — have all had a profound impact on the legacy brands of Europe.

  • SEP 05, 2018

    Suitsupply makes big bet on womens' suits with global expansion

    Suitsupply has long ignored buzz about the widespread casualization of workwear. Now it’s betting big on the fact that, like men, women want to wear suits.

  • JUL 10, 2018

    Wardrobe.NYC expands reach with Adidas collaboration

    Josh Goot and Christine Centenera are rolling out their second Wardrobe.NYC capsule collection today, featuring tweaks to their business model based on learnings from Release 01. Along with fewer options and more sizes, the collection features a sneaker created with Adidas — it’s the fashion brand’s first shoe and collaboration.

  • JUN 12, 2018

    The king of the collab: Virgil Abloh can seemingly do no wrong when it comes to partnerships

    Amid the high-low, designer-influencer, streetwear-luxury hybrid designs flooding fashion, no one's a more prolific collaborator than designer Virgil Abloh.

  • JUN 05, 2018

    To update merchandise, Barneys is embracing the streetwear-inspired drop model

    The Drop events encapsulate the blossoming bond between streetwear brands and luxury department stores, and the promise of the streetwear-inspired drop model around new inventory releases and brand exclusives. Rather than formal full-season collections, the drop model consists of single products released at a time, often with limited availability. These buzzy, timely collections drove customers to shop among a carnival-style frenzy over the weekend. For customers who didn’t make it to the event, the capsule collections are marked on as “DropLA” exclusives.

  • MAY 04, 2018

    Stadium Goods sets its sights on the luxury customer

    CEO John McPheters sees luxury fashion as the last piece of the retail “puzzle” Stadium Goods has been fleshing out. It already sells products through Amazon, eBay and Tmall in addition to its New York City store and e-commerce site, so according to McPheters, the mass-market customer and traditional streetwear enthusiast is taken care of.

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