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New Face of Beauty

With a variety of technological innovations in the space, the beauty industry is rapidly evolving. Today, it’s common to use an augmented reality app to try on makeup, and relying on smart tools to guide applications and recommend products is set to be the next norm.

  • JAN 17, 2019

    Skin-care brand True Botanicals refocuses on direct sales

    Nontoxic and efficacious skin-care brand True Botanicals is going back to its direct-to-consumer roots.

  • JAN 16, 2019

    New marketplace Storr lets influencers become the retailer

    On Jan.16, Storr invites consumers to directly shop from friends, family and influencers versus third-party retailers via individual storesfronts on its mobile app.

  • JAN 16, 2019

    Beautycounter carves out a niche in clean skin care for men

    Notably, less than 1 percent of both sellers and existing customers are men. In order to reach men, the brand will not only appeal to women to purchase products on behalf of men, but it will also recruit more male sellers to sell directly to its target: men between 25- and 45-years-old. Overall, the expansion toward men’s products not only represents a new chapter for Beautycounter’s business, but also the maturation of the clean beauty market, which has predominantly been focused on women.

  • JAN 15, 2019

    Asian beauty gets it own dedicated conference with Blushcon

    Blushcon, which debuted last January as a two-day conference within the Asian American Expo in Pomona, California, is coming back on Jan. 18 and 19 with a refocus on Asian beauty, in response to visitor feedback and opportunities for growth. It has increased the Asian brands exhibiting by approximately 40 percent and is expected to bring in an additional 10,000 people to the expo, which itself draws 120,000.

  • JAN 15, 2019

    Bloomingdale’s updates the in-store beauty experience with technology, cross-selling experiences and events

    As the relevance of department store flagships continue to be questioned, with Lord & Taylor’s recent closing of its Fifth Avenue store and Henri Bendel shuttering its New York location and 22 other outposts this month, Bloomingdale’s is betting on its 59th Street flagship through beauty.

  • JAN 14, 2019

    FaceGym takes a page from Peloton as it plans US expansion

    The brand that dubs its services as a "workout for your face" is entering a stage of rapid expansion, with a soft-launch taking place for a stand-alone location in New York, a launch of four products in March, another store opening in Los Angeles in April and the debut of an app by early-2020. FaceGym’s revenue target for 2019 is between $12 million and $14 million, and the company will grow to 100 people by the end of the year.

  • JAN 11, 2019

    Beauty brands are launching mood-boosting products

    Within this wellness world, there is a new emerging category of beauty products that not only serve as a traditional beauty product (like a fragrance, body or face oil), but also come with specific instructions for how the product can serve as a mood enhancer or stress reducer.

  • JAN 11, 2019

    L'Oreal's Seed Phytonutrients links with Sephora to double down on clean hair care

    L’Oreal-incubated sustainable beauty brand Seed Phytonutrients is betting on hair care as the wellness and clean trends pick up in the category. On Jan. 11, Seed Phytonutrients expands its current hair-care assortment, compromised of a single cleansing shampoo and two conditioners, to include four new collections of three products each targeted at customer needs: moisturizing, anti-frizz, color and volume. The lines were created in collaboration with Sephora and will exclusively debut at the retailer’s 160 top doors, and

  • JAN 10, 2019

    Men's shaving brand Bevel expands to skin care

    The new skin-care line is meant to not only deepen the brand’s relationship with current customers, but also to reach those who do not shave. The expansion into skin care is also a response to several market trends, including a decline in shaving sales and an increase in the men’s beauty market and inclusive beauty.

  • JAN 10, 2019

    Model and beauty entrepreneur Josie Maran: 'Beauty is moving to a more healing, holistic, wellness and lifestyle approach'

    On this week's episode of The Glossy Beauty Podcast, beauty editor Priya Rao sits down with model, actress and founder of her namesake beauty brand, Josie Maran, to discuss how her early career informed her work in beauty, what challenges she faced when starting her brand, and where she sees Josie Maran Cosmetics going next. Below are excerpts from the episode, edited for clarity.

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