The Glossy Guide to TikTok

As Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat become overrun with ads and sponsored posts from influencers, consumers are flocking to TikTok in search of something that feels a little more authentic and a little less filtered.

Prior to 2019, TikTok earned revenue primarily from traditional digital advertisements and in-app purchases. (The company claims its ‘shop now’ feature, which allows approved accounts to embed product links within videos, earned one account $29 million in just one day.) Over the last year, however, brands have begun experimenting with sponsored content and what that looks like on a platform that prides itself on authenticity.

In this new Glossy guide to TikTok, we examine the strategies of fashion and beauty brands that have found success on the platform — from what content trends they’re tapping, to what influencers they’re hiring, to how they’ve updated their content strategies to fit TikTok — where grassroots, user-generated videos are the name of the game.

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